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One Piece Under $20

One Piece Under $20

Ok, it is no secret that One-Pieces are my favorites. But, sometimes trying to find cute pieces that also stand out can come out to be pretty expensive.

The good news is that Bella Beautiful BB has a vast variety of cute pieces to pick from and they are ALL under $100. Bella Beautiful BB was founded in 2000 and is female-run and managed. They have not only super cute bikinis, but the quality is just NEXT LEVEL. All their styles are Inspired by the upbeat vibe and sun-kissed nature of Los Angeles, and are exclusively manufactured at one of their privately owned facilities. #SupportSmallShops #SupportLocal

So, knowing this, I definitely took advantage and grabbed myself 2 completely different styles.

But, today, I am going to focus on this Twist Front Cheeky One Piece. This same exact one-piece comes in Palm (green) and Apricot (like a nudeish/light orangy). I went for the Lilac, which happens to be my FAVORITE color.

This piece definitely did not disappoint! It has a twist detail on both the top (boobie part) and on the middle strap.

I must say that with this pregnancy my boobies have gotten bigger and I would say this particular style fits best for A-B cups. This doesn’t mean that bigger cups can’t wear it, but beware of a bit of under boob (which I am totally down for).